Make marketing a priority in the new financial year

As you start the new financial year budgeting and planning are top of mind.

The image you portray reflects directly on what your customers can expect from the business. Marketing materials, websites and packaging are an extension of your voice. Your uniqueness gives you an edge over your competitors. Branding is not just about logos. The purpose of a brand is to attract and retain loyal customers, and planning and budgeting will help you to accomplish just that. In light of this, it makes sense to talk about the importance of creating a marketing budget and a plan centred around the procurement of branded products.

Why use branded products?

Guaranteed customer loyalty: Customers are more likely to choose your brand over your competitors if you share promotional products with them. If you do this, they will see a genuine reason to stay with you. The result is the same whether your company is a start-up or a seasoned enterprise.

Improved customer relationships: Relationships and networks are essential to the success of any business. Take the time to build strong bonds with your target customers so they will refer your brand to others. By establishing credibility, your brand will be positioned as an authority in your sector. Learn about the needs and preferences of your target customers through research. Use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook for competitions to give away branded items. Engaging users in this manner is a sure-fire way to boost engagement.

An affordable marketing tool: Promotional products have the added advantage of being affordable, which is a big enticement to maximise their use. You can actually market your company for months with them because they are less expensive than other types of advertising.

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