Remote work is becoming more common in many industries. Companies are allowing more employees to work from home in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic to support sustainable growth and protect the vulnerable. But what are the implications for businesses?

There are several benefits to working remotely such as saving time and money on commutes and encouraging a better work-life balance, but there are also some drawbacks. Remote workers often feel less engaged and connected to their company because they don’t work with their colleagues daily, which can affect their productivity and performance.

Employers set up additional virtual check-ins for employees with managers and introduce new tools for virtual meetings to ensure that employees maintain their productivity levels.

For most managers, keeping the business moving as smoothly as possible is their top priority. But do these actions go far enough? Perhaps you need to go beyond simple check-ins and really make your employees feel valued.

Make working from home exciting for your employees

A study by The Wall Street Journal suggests that giving employees a sense of belonging separates successful companies from the rest. The author of the article, Sue Shellenbarger, states that: “ … a sense of belonging at the office will be increasingly prized by employees, and [is] a crucial condition for fostering innovation”.

To provide your remote employees with better working experiences, why not offer them a work-from-home pack? It will provide much-needed encouragement. Choose from a range of pens, journals, power banks, mouse pads, pencil holders, desk lamps, speakers or hoodies. Why not show how much you care by offering them a wellness pack too?

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